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I just realized my wordpress account is relatively bare. I’m mostly over at https://quantumchrome.blogspot.com/ where I write about my riding education and journeys with my mare Gwyn, a Stonewall Sporthorse.

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SNL Barefoot

A late night jaunt seemed appropriate to be accompanied by the first 20 minutes of the recent Saturday Night Live hosted by Paul Rudd. Highly amusing. The time flew by and if it wasn’t so late and I wasn’t barefoot, I would have done more. 


Time: 20 min

Sweatometer: Pleasantly warm!

Rating: A (points off for the poor singer in One Direction who was very very flat)

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The Forest of Fear

In this episode, the Doctor, Susan and her teachers are stuck in the cave with skulls that have been bashed in. But the crazy old woman lets them go! One of the cavement vying for head honcho, and his little lady, follow them to convince them to make fire. But what was likely a sabertooth tiger attacks. Uh oh! They head for the TARDIS to try and heal the caveman dude but dun dun dun, the other cavepeople are waiting for them! Fire isn’t gonna escape!

Viewing Time: 23:00

Sweatometer: warm

Revolutions: 1005

Grade: B, it was filler.


Took it easy today as I’m super sore. The 50 minutes on Saturday really did a number, to the point where I could hardly walk a little while later. Next time I need to remember to stretch first and cool down later. I then compounded everything by riding my horse on Sunday. 

Add in Aunt Flo and everything just falls to pieces. But I’m soldiering on. Hubby is enticing me to continue with the promise of nifty gadgets to make ellipticaling more enjoyable as christmas gifts, including a computer just for the TV so I don’t have to watch my Doctor Who on the laptop. I’m excited 😀 


I’d be more excited if we had our tree up and decorated. Next weekend… next weekend.

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Non Who Post

For an uninterrupted longer workout (since I  skipped last night and Thursday is our family game night) I chose to catch up on Bones. The time went by quickly, but the commercials were boring. My daughter was amusing though!


Ellipticalling Time: 50:00

Revolutions: 2571

Sweatometer: Need a shower NOW.

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Cave of Skulls!

Dun dun dun, that shadow we saw? Why it wasn’t a reptilian creature as I suspected but rather a cave man! He saw the Doctor make fire and kidnapped him. I don’t blame the caveman. My furnace broke a week ago and if I’d had a fireplace I would have made fire too. Alas, I didn’t, but I did have a nice fleece blanket. The caveman had poorly draped fake furs.


Ian has a hard time believing they’ve traveled through time and space. Barbara is pretty accepting. Susan just wants to make sure her teachers are okay. And Oh boy! Generic desert set! 


The whole episode (almost) was political posturing by primitive humans preparing for an ice age only they didn’t know it was an ice age. Poor primitive humans. 



The Doctor is panicking a bit as he’s lost his matches in the kidnapping and thus cannot make fire from his fingers. Uh oh.



Episode Length: 24:30

Revolutions: 1191

Sweatometer: Warm not wet

Rating: B+ with extra credit for the 2001 style beginning with police box instead of monolith 

Favorite moments: Ian calling the Doctor “Dr. Foreman” and the Doctor going “Doctor who?” and the detail feeding of the TARDIS being stuck as a police box by both the Doctor and Susan.  “Why hasn’t it changed?”  You get a much more ominous feeling when the Doctor says it.

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An Unearthly Child Attempt 2!



I’ve accepted defeat over using the very nice tv in my ellipticalling space. It just wouldn’t work with the way I can watch the early Classic episodes in full. A laptop at near eye level, resting on my sewing machine is an acceptable compromise, however, even if the sound needs improving. Maybe the hubbie will get a good cable to connect the laptop to the tv so I can watch it on the big screen. Just not a monster cable, amirite?

I finally got to see An Unearthly Child in all it’s William Hartnell, black and white gloriousness. With bonus realization just HOW MANY references to this episode there were in the 50th Anniversary episode.  ❤


Our first view of the interior of the TARDIS

Susan is too smart for her own good, though it makes me wonder if she’s really just in high school for the social aspect or if she expected to learn, because from the small snippets of scenes they showed her in at school, she just seems far too advanced. College might have been a better option if she wanted to hang out in the 20th century. And perhaps 21st century would have been even better. I did get a kick out of her confusion at them not knowing the decimal system. Heee!





Ellipticalling Time: 25:00

Revolutions: 1241

Sweatometer: Needed the fan

Rating: A  – Susan’s terror at what the Doctor might do to her teachers is pretty spectacular. What kind of dude IS this Doctor?!

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Bump in the road, but not on the fitness path

I found what I thought was the first actual episode, “The Unearthly Child” and watched that today while ellipticalling (STAHP it spellcheck, I’ve decided that’s a real word!). It was interesting, but I was so confused as the story and background of the doctor did not match up with the lore that’s currently in place and I didn’t think from having read synopses of the first episode, that the initial episode would be that off base from canon.

The Daleks did make an appearance, and looked unchanged (awwww) though they didn’t kill anyone (boooo, wimpy daleks) and only injured humans (WTF) so that was strange. But the TARDIS was some old man’s tinkering in his backyard and DEFINITELY didn’t look correct on the inside, but I brushed it off thinking ‘who am I to judge the Doctor’s interior design preferences’.


It was a FAN made first episode, labeled exactly like the actual first episode. GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP.

At least I got my running in today. No excuses! Not even for poorly made mash ups of a Doctor Who movie with a Doctor who isn’t even a Time Lord.

Time:    21:00

Revolutions: 1011

Sweatometer: Damp

Rating: D   – Not even a real Doctor Who episode. Shame on you, YouTube user, SHAME ON YOU

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Weight Loss through Space and Time S1E1


The Temple of Evil! 

Serial 6 Episode 1

I’m ellipticalling on an elliptical to get in shape and I’m watching ALL THE WHO while I do it. 




In this, the first of the Netflamazonulu’s available episodes for classic Doctor Who, we find the TARDIS landing in 15th century Mexico during the Aztec Empire. Barbara, teacher to the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan, is mistaken for the reincarnation of the Aztec’s god Yetaxa thanks to a snake bracelet she loots off of the remains of a body in the temple where the TARDIS lands. Susan, the Doctor and Ian, Susan’s other teacher, are taken for the servants of Yetaxa. 

Barbara decides, being such an Aztec expert and all, that she’s going to rewrite history and stop human sacrifice. Oh lady, has any of your travels with the Doctor taught you anything? Must all companions learn about this? You can’t really change the past. It screws with the future, unless you’ve already change the past and that is your future, but… well, then things just get confusing. Hurray temporal paradox.



Barbara ain’t got time for the High Priest of Sacrifice’s shit.

Episode Length: 24 min

Revolutions: 1030

Sweatometer: Minimal Sweat, the house is cold

Weight: 255 at last weigh in. Progress will be updated at each Regeneration

Rating: B+ with extra credit for the super cute TARDIS miniature in the opening

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